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    Build everything.
    But not anyhow.
    Execution, assembly, repair, consolidation,
    modernization and rehabilitation of civil, industrial and
    agricultural buildings, art works and special works for the
    pharmaceutical industry and hospitals (clean room design).
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    We have extensive experience in
    construction and services
    CREATIVe and professionals

As a general contractor or in collaboration with other companies we execute the entire range of design and construction works for civil and industrial buildings.

Our company staff is widely experienced in executing, consolidating and rehabilitation of civil and industrial buildings, historical monuments and clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our organization has implemented an integrated management system - quality, environment, work safety and health - aimed to increase customer satisfaction by continuous improvement of our products, processes and integrated management system and by complying with customer requirements and current environmental regulations as well as ensuring safe and healthy conditions for our personnel and stakeholders.

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Historical monuments

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial and civil construction

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